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Burnley Workshop of the Poconos, Inc.
Stroudsburg, PA
Mission & Goals
Burnley Employment And Rehabilitation Services is organized for charitable and educational purposes and to carry out programs of habilitation or rehabilitation for persons with disabilities, so they may be integrated into the community and be empowered to achieve the fullest physical, mental, social, vocational and economic development possible, including, but not limited to employment, employment training, occupational advice and placement, physical, occupational and work therapy, and social services; to contract with other private and public agencies for needed facilities and services; and to cooperate or enter into agreements with other organizations and agencies to serve individuals with disabilities and to take all other actions aimed towards development of a comprehensive program of services to persons with disabilities
Programs & Services
The Burnley Workshop of the Poconos, Inc. is a sheltered workshop offering employment options for persons with mental or physical disabilities. The objectives of the staff are to assess the needs of individuals, provide them with appropriate vocational training and to ultimately place as many trained workers in the competitive labor force as possible.

At the Workshop, trainees earn wages for performing real work in a realistic industrial setting. Subcontract work obtained from area business provides excellent training materials as well as contributing to the wages for the individuals and the expense involved in providing rehabilitative services.

Production partners include: Aventis Pasteur, Burris Landscape, Carbon Products, Carbon Training Center, Dent Manufacturing, Diversey Corporation, Grobet Tile Company, Hickory Lane Builders, House of Candles, I.W. Industries, Instrument Specialties, C-M-P MH/MR, Mountain Life Marketing, Odd Lot Outlet, Outdoor World/Resorts USA, Patterson Kelly, Perma Seal, Pocono Medical Center, Roadway Express, Saw Mill Furniture, United Steel Products, University Educational Services and Weiler Corporation.

Food Services
Carmen Floria
Food Services Coordinator

The Burnley Food Services Program trains individuals with disabilities for careers in food services. In addition to providing cafeteria style meals for employees and staff, it also offers catering services to the general public for private parties and other activites.
Currently Burnley is constructing a new and significantly larger kitchen and catering facility. The additional space will better serve the requirements of the training program and meet the community demand for catering services.

Financial Information
Tax Status:
EIN Number: 23-1642528
Registered 501(c)(3)
Exempt Status Since: June 1978
No IRS Sanctions
Financial Data:
Fiscal Year: 1998
Total Revenues: $812,157.00
Program Expenses: $593,258.00
Administrative Expenses: $213,917.00
Fundraising Expenses: $0.00
Total Expenses: $807,175.00
Net Excess or Deficit: $4,982.00
Contact Information
Timothy P. Hayes
Burnley Workshop of the Poconos, Inc.
Snydersville, PA
4219 Manor Drive
Stroudsburg, PA   18360

Phone: (570)992-6616
Fax: (570)992-5075
Email: Timbervw@ptd.net
Web Site: http://poconos.net/burnley/









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